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Market Predictions 2014-15

Market Predictions 2014-15

Author: GaneshaSpeaks Team | Delivery : 10 Days

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  • This is one book every Intelligent Investor must have !

    In the complex world of speculation, even the best of the businesses can't escape losses. There are so many analyses, trends, which may leave you confused. Can you trust them? You, however, can trust Vedic Astrology that takes into account ONLY the Planetary Positions, thereby bringing you an entirely unbiased, reliable perspective.

    Attuned to the Market...

    The stock markets are a volatile world, and so is the world and Indian economy. The changes in the trends can upset even the best of the strategies. That is even more applicable for the year 2014, as the General Elections in India are round the corner. However, if you know how the things will pan out in future, in advance, you can take appropriate steps to build and safeguard your portfolio.

    The Planetary Positions...

    Through this book, you will get authentic and reliable predictions about the planetary trends and thus the results of those on the Opening and Market trends of Nifty in the year 2014. The 15 months period covered in the book has been divided in 16 slots, basis the planetary positions, which will help you create your market strategies like never-before.


    Report Details

  • In this Book....

    You will get the Astrological high and low points at Nifty, Sensex, Dow Jones, NASDEQ, Nikkei, Hang Seng in the coming 15 months. A clear indication of the active and highly volatile periods and dates during year 2014-2015 has also been added to ensure you stay guarded all the time. This priceless astrological guidance will help you keep safe distance from the deceptive market trends.
  • Important guidance for Intraday, F&O and positional traders

    The coming 15 months have been divided into 16 time-slots, wherein you get reliable, clear prediction for each time-frame. You may take your positions accordingly to earn maximum profits. The Opening trends for 310 days will help you further. Plus, the projected graph for the year ahead will prove extremely helpful, especially to the F&O and Option traders.
  • Scrip-based Predictions

    Our Astrologers short-listed 20 important/ major companies listed in the Nifty-50. You will get specific predictions related to these 20 Scrips, including the possible high and low points of the shares of these companies in the coming 15 months. Besides, get a broad idea about how the market will be in during the next 7 years, that is, till year 2020. You may follow the important dates mentioned for repayments of loans in order to be free from the burden of debts faster.
  • Moon Sign-wise Predictions

    Moon Sign governs the MIND. Know how your Moon Sign will interact with the in-effect planetary combinations in the next 15 months to bring you various results. There will be specific emphasis on the finance related predictions as well as remedies that will help you stay guarded.
  • Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Rupee – Bonus Predictions...

    Get predictions and high & low market points for the major Commodity Indices that is Gold, Silver, Crude Oil. The Book also gives you important forecasts pertaining to Rupee – the very important currency, whose position/ status may make or mar our strategies.
  • FREE and EXTRA!

    Apart from the entire range of predictions, we also bring you valuable freebies, such as personalised predictions about favourable and unfavourable days for trading, Monthly Nifty trend chart for each month and weekly predictions for each week.
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    More than 10,000,000 satisfied customers and counting !!

    There is no doubt that GaneshaSpeaks is the leader in providing authentic and top class astrology services. I have a first hand experience of their professional approach, since I got a chance to visit their Head Office in Ahmedabad. The kind of accuracy their astrologers provide in the consultations and the way they have perfected the art of interpreting the stars is amazing! They are matchless.
    - Devang S Parikh, Ahmedabad

    Yantra is a different talisman, and I never knew it could be this powerful. I have purchased talismans before from other websites, but never knew about something like this. To be honest, it is difficult to believe in them, but then I was explained the science behind them; I bought one from GaneshaSpeaks. I think it really helped me control my anger. Thanks. I vouch for it.
    - Sameer Sachdeva, Punjab

    Why and How

    Why should I buy this book?

    To understand the best times to buy or sell shares, to know whether your current planetary configurations favour such deals and when you will be able to take the most profitable position.

    To know how you should deal in the shares of a particular company, so that you manage to plan your strategies accordingly.

    To know the analysis of your Kundali and get an idea whether you should wait for better times to employ your strategies.

    The astrological predictions and guidance will enable you to take correct decisions and make profitable strategies.

    How will this guidance be helpful to me?

    The book will guide you about possible market trends as well as about favourable and unfavourable periods for you. You may make decisions about buying and selling basis this guidance.

    You will get a clear idea about the planetary support you as well as the company you want to invest in may be getting during a certain period. You may be able to take correct decisions basis this information.

    The remedial measures in this book will help you dilute/ nullify the negative planetary influences.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the High and Low values (numerical data) arrived at after astrological analysis?

    We use the age old wisdom of Vedic Astrology to study the stock market movements in great detail. Vedic Astrology can bring you great insights about possible upward and downward movement in the market. We also analyse the Kundali of various companies and predict about their market performances. We also take into account the principles of Numerology during the process of analysis.
  • Will I be able to get guidance regarding strategies I should formulate to earn maximum profits? Will I be able to decide whether I should invest in the stock market?

    Your destiny is in your hand, and with positive approach and persistence you can certainly build a better future. The book gives you insights on the trends in certain scrips and the timings around which they may go up/ down in the coming 15 months. You may take your positions accordingly. However, when it comes to your personal fortune, we suggest that you get a Personal Horoscope based Stock Market specialised Report, Personalised Stock Market Report, which will help you know what your stars are vis-a-vis the stock markets investments.
  • Will my personal information be kept confidential ?

    Absolutely yes! All our customer details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may.
  • Why should I buy this book?

    If you are planning to invest in the stock market, follow the predictions, remedial measures and astrological guidance in this book to make maximum profits. That's not it! You will get 15-month predictions, various statistics and other important information. Get a clear idea about planets are posited in your Sign and plan foolproof strategies.
  • Report Preparation Process

    • Step 1: Nifty Predictions

      Complex mathematical and astronomical calculations and bases are used to forecast and predict the Nifty Trends (Predictions) and Planetary Positions for the coming 15 months. This lends a beautiful and solid base to this book as well as to all the predictions, as they are done exactly in tune with what the planets suggest.
    • Step 2: Monthly Graphs

      On the basis of Vedic Astrology principles, we create a specialised Monthly Graph for you, which takes into account each planet's position in that particular month. This will give you a clearer idea of the trends expected in that month, thereby helping you prepare for the month in advance.
    • Step 3: Analysis!

      The predictions and forecasts take into account statistical and numerological aspects, thereby bringing you data in its most readable format – the graphs. Plus, you also get important Scrip-wise predictions and High-Low figures, arrived at using complex analyses on the Companies' Horoscopes, which will help you take your positions in the best possible manner.
    • Step 4: Each Day's Opening

      The comprehensive Book also brings you Trading Opening for each of the 310 days accounted for. These will be based on the times/ dates when the planets change their Sign/ Position (Sankranti). This is a very reliable tool, especially for the Intra-day trading.

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